Spring is nowhere in sight

Published söndag 24 mars 2013 kl 10.41
Photo: Scanpix

The winter chill will continue to hold a strong grip on Sweden into the Easter weekend, according to Swedish Television’s meteorologist Per Stenborg.

“The nights will continue to be cold, but the sun does a lot. When it shines the days will be more comfortable,” says Stenborg.

All next week, temperatures during the day are going to be above freezing in southern Sweden, while at night temperatures will drop below 0 degrees Celsius in the entire country.

And Stenborg says people vacationing in the mountains will have great winter weather over Easter weekend. “There’s a lot of snow and there will not be many people in lift lines,” he says.

Some mountainous areas will even get some new snowfall. But roads should be clear because there are no big storms expected.

Meteorologists say the real spring temperatures will not be felt this year until at least the first week in April.

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