Elite boarding school won't have to pay fine

Published fredag 5 april 2013 kl 11.16
Prince Carl Philip is among the graduates of Lundsberg, in Värmland. Photo: Ulf Palm/Scanpix
Prince Carl Philip is among the graduates of Lundsberg, in Värmland. Photo: Ulf Palm/Scanpix

The elite private boarding school Lundsberg will not have to pay a fine of SEK 500,000 to the Swedish Schools Inspectorate for incidents of hazing and abuse at the school, reports Swedish Radio news.

The Inspectorate says Lundsberg has taken the problems of abuse and bullying seriously and has begun to work actively to prevent and stop abusive treatment between its students.

The agency began a special supervision of Lundsberg in 2011 after several students filed police complaints saying that they were abused and bullied at the school.

The abuse included everything from nicknaming to violence. In 2011, the Inspectorate said a normalization phenomenon has occurred at the school that society as a whole would consider unacceptable.

Lundsberg denied any wrongdoing, but the agency continued to hold the school under special supervision. And in the fall of 2012, the Schools Inspectorate decided to levy a fine on the school if it did not attempt to remedy the problems. Now the inspectorate is satisfied with the work the school has undertaken.

Lundsberg, located in Värmland County, is the most well-known private school in Sweden, almost exclusively attended by the upper classes. Among its former pupils are several royals, including the current Prince Carl Philip.

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