Llamas to protect sheep from wolves

Published tisdag 9 april 2013 kl 15.43
Lamadjur. Foto: Martin Mejia/Scanpix.
Llamas, Photo: Martin Mejia/Scanpix

The authorities in the southern province of Skåne may have a new weapon in the battle to keep wolves away from the local flocks of sheep – llamas.

The South American relatives of the camel are known for their kicking, spitting, and generally antagonistic behavior. The authorities in Skåne are planning a test with two male llamas allocated to each of two flocks.

Nils Carlsson, a predators officer for the Skåne county council, tells Swedish Radio News “We know llamas have had a positive effect against cougars and coyotes in the United States, but there are no proper studies on wolves.”

Although being in the far south, Skåne would seem to be rather remote from the usual area frequented by Sweden’s wolves, last year it saw the most wolf attacks on domestic animals in the country.

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