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Report: "Gothenburg spirit" allowed corruption

Published torsdag 13 juni 2013 kl 19.12

A commission of experts has bashed the politicians of Gothenburg, saying they allowed a culture of corruption to flourish, as "the Gothenburg spirit".

The city's civil servants and politicians often hold two jobs at the same time, or sit on the boards of more than one organisation. The city has been rocked by a series of scandals around bribery and corruption.

Professor Erik Amnå says to news agency TT that the city's elite prioritised results, while toning down conflicts, seeing those who called attention to problems as stool pigeons, traitors.

The professor also says that the former mayor of Gothenburg, Göran Johansson, epitomises the "self image of Gothenberg". The Social Democrat mayor has been called the "strong man" of Sweden's second largest city.

Johansson himself says he is proud of the Gothenburg spirit, and sees no connection to bribery.

The commission says that the city must now start to keep better track of what positions its politicians and executives hold.

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