Domestic violence in relationships

Study: Men victims of domestic violence as often as women

Published måndag 7 oktober 2013 kl 18.45
Photo: Heiko Junge/Scanpix

New research from the Sahlgrenska Academy in Gothenburg shows that men are just as often, or maybe even more often, victims of domestic violence in relationships.

The research is based on two different studies with a total of 1 400 people answering if they have been victims of domestic abuse in their past relationships. The result showed that eight percent of both women and men had been abused in past relationships. Gunilla Krantz, professor in public health sciences at Gothenburg University, says to Swedish Radio News that the result is surprising.

"What is surprising is that both men and women report the same amount of physical and psychological abuse. Women are more often victims of sexual abuse, but what kind of abuse that men are victims to is something that we know very little about", Krantz says.

The study also shows however that the violence directed towards women in relationships is usually more severe.

"The study confirms yet again that violence towards women is much worse in relationships than towards men", Krantz says.

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