Justice Minister shared fake article on "cannabis overdoses"

Published tisdag 7 januari 2014 kl 10:21
Justitieminister Beatrice Ask fick svara på frågor om polisens registrering av romer vid riksdagens frågestund på torsdagen. Foto: Anders Wiklund/Scanpix
Justice Minister Beatrice Ask. Photo: Andreas Wiklund/TT

Sweden's Justice Minister shared a fake article claiming that 37 people had been killed by "cannabis overdoses" since legalisation in the US state of Colorado.

Beatrice Ask published the article on her Facebook and it was quickly noticed and republished on Swedish social media, with some saying that the minister in charge of the laws against drugs should know that it is impossible to die of an overdose.

The minister, from the conservative Moderate Party, had commented on the article that it was a shame, and that her first motion as a member of the party's youth group had been against drugs.

Now her press secretary says the minister knew all along that the article was a fake, and that she was rather reacting against the way the humour website was making fun of a serious subject. After reactions in social media the minister edited her comments to the article.

Eva Fly, member of parliament for the Liberal Party also linked to the spoof article and commented that "there are some who also want to legalise cannabis in Sweden. Not I."

Cannabis use is not tolerated in Sweden, where prison sentences are not uncommon for people smuggling or growing the drug.

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