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Poll boost for Löfven

Published onsdag 24 december 2014 kl 10.22
Stefan Löfven, vinnare i Novus undersökning Svensk väljaropinion för december månad 2014. Foto: TT / Sveriges Radio
Full poll results for (from the left) Social Democrats, Left, Green, Moderate, Liberal, Christian Dmeocrat, Centre, Sweden Democrat, Feminist Initative parties. Swedish figures use a comma as a decimal point. Photo: TT/Swedish Radio

The poll-of-polls for December suggests the prime minister’s actions have won him slightly more support, after his budget suffered a humiliating defeat in parliament

Swedish Radio News reports that the governing Social Democrat party is up by two percentage points from November’s figure, to 31.3 percent.

The Sweden Democrat party, which caused the crisis by backing the centre-right budget, is also up from November, to 13.9 percent. Some analysts had said the party would be punished by voters for causing the government to fall.

So far the prime minister is sticking to his promise to make an announcement on the 30th of December – that he is calling a new election for March 22nd, just six months after the general election which saw his tiny minority red-green coalition government take power.

The government and opposition blocs are polling 38.1 and 39.8 percent, respectively. But if the Left Party, which supports Löfven, is added to the government, they have 43.7 percent in this poll-of-polls.

Political scientist Mikael Gilljam says to Swedish Radio News the result could go either way due to some unpredictable factors:

  • The red-greens will be weakened if the snap election suffers from a low turnout.
  • There is a chance the Christian Democrat party will drop out of the parliament if its votes reflect this poll and it fails to meet the 4 percent threshold.
  • Voters may desert the tiny Feminist Initiative party and add a few percentage points to a new red-green result.
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