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The Somali Bandy Team - the movie

Published tisdag 20 januari 2015 kl 16.48
The World's First Somali Bandy team - the documentary "Trevligt folk"
(5:37 min)
The Somali Bandy team, together with chat show hosts Fredrik Wikingsson and Filip Hammar. Photo: SF Film
The Somali Bandy team, together with chat show hosts Fredrik Wikingsson and Filip Hammar. Photo: SF Film

Half of the Swedish films that will be reaching the cinemas this spring, are documentaries. Among them, a film that just might become the feel-good-film of the year.

In May 2013, entrepreneur Patrik Andersson sent out a press release, announcing the formation of the world's first Somali bandy team, which had been formed in Swedish Borlänge. Bandy is a bit like football on ice, or ice hockey with a ball instead of a puck. Most of the guys in the team had not even tried on a pair of skates before the project started. But in the press release, Patrik Andersson wrote that they would be playing at the world cup, 6 months later.

The whole journey, from the first stumblings on the ice, to the world cup has now been captured in a documentary. The driving force behind it are the chat show hosts Fredrik Wikingsson and Filip Hammar, who for a decade has served the Swedish public with energetic and often whacky programmes on TV and radio. This is, however, their first endeavour into making a full length film, to be shown in the cinema.

Radio Sweden spoke to Ahmed Hussein and Abdihakim Mohamed who are part of the team, and also play major roles in the film. And to Fredrik Wikingson, who says this is not just a film about an unlikely bandy team being formed, but also about Sweden of today. To listen to the report, click on the link above.

The film is called "Trevligt folk" ('Nice People') which is also the slogan that the town of Borlänge use to try to promote itself to the outside world.

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