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Romson on the ID-checks: "Not a Green reform"

Published onsdag 13 januari 2016 kl 17.20
"Problematic for integration in the region"
(5:20 min)
Åsa Romson. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT
Environment Minister and Green Party spokesperson Åsa Romson. Photo: Fredrik Sandberg/TT

Deputy Prime Minister, Åsa Romson, of the Green Party says she regrets the ID-checks between Denmark and Sweden, but that the Government had to introduce them because the lack of response from the EU.

After the party leader debate in the Swedish Parliament, Radio Sweden spoke with Deputy Prime Minister Åsa Romson, of the Green Party, to ask about the ID checks at the Swedish-Danish border.

Are the ID checks for people traveling between Sweden and Denmark working the way the government had hoped?

"It's a system which is problematic for the integration of the Copenhagen and Malmö region. We were quite worried about having too much influence on everyday commuting. So far it seems like yes, it is an interference but not to an extent that it is totally impossible. It will be better if we can stop that reform as soon as possible."

How long will the ID checks be in place?

"It's too early to tell if there will be control and an orderly system at the borders in a very short time. Although we see now that discussions between the European countries and also the Nordic countries have started more intensely. And I think that is important because this is a European problem: How to allow people to travel between borders, but also how we take equal responsibility for the situation where a lot of refugees in the world, close to Europe, are seeking protection here."

What about criticism from outside and inside the Green Party for supporting these controls?

"In the Green Party we're always open to debate. This is not the Green Party reform agenda we wanted. No party in this Parliament wanted to insert ID controls between Denmark and Sweden. The problem is dealing with implications from the lack of response from the European Union when it comes to the refugee crisis around European borders. It is a governmental responsibility to act. And for the Green Party it is more a question of allowing a government to act. When it comes to such reforms in a limited period of time... it is acceptable. Although it's not a Green reform. It will never be."

Radio Sweden also asked Åsa Romson about criticism, in the parliamentary debate, from the Centre Party regarding the government's work to meet climate goals, and whether there is a conflict between jobs and the climate. To listen to the interview, click on the link above.

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