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Swedish Left party inspired by Sanders

Published tisdag 19 april 2016 kl 15.32
Left party leader inspired by Bernie Sanders
(8:47 min)
The leader of the Left party, Jonas Sjöstedt. Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT
The leader of the Left party, Jonas Sjöstedt. Photo: Pontus Lundahl / TT Credit: PONTUS LUNDAHL / TT

Jonas Sjöstedt, the leader of the Left party in Sweden, told Radio Sweden that he hopes his party can learn a thing or two from the American presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.

"We will definitely steal one or two ideas from the campaign of Bernie Sanders," Sjöstedt said.

Sjöstedt, who lived in New York for several years and was active in the Socialist party there before becoming leader of the Left party in Sweden, referred to the way Bernie Sanders' message and campaign materials have "caught something in the dream of a better society."

In particular, he mentioned a Sanders campaign video set to the music of Simon and Garfunkel that moved him.

"I think American and Swedish political discussions are very different in tone," said Sjöstedt, "but there's something there . . . something in the hopeful message, something in the story he tells about what kind of country he wants the US to be that is similar to the aspirations and dreams many young Swedes have about their own country."

While Sjöstedt said the Left party has much in common with Sanders, he did say that they differ on their views of gun laws and parts of the trade policies. "We are not free trade hostile in our party when it comes to tariffs, for example, but when it comes to the really important values... I feel very much attached to things he's saying," said Sjöstedt.

Brett Ascarelli

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