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Mixed reactions to Green Party’s new leader pair

Published tisdag 10 maj 2016 kl 11.09
Jabar Amin: Damaging to our feminist profile
(1:54 min)
Gustav Fridolin and Isabella Lövin heading to the press conference on May 9th. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT
Gustav Fridolin and Isabella Lövin heading to the press conference on May 9th. Photo: Jessica Gow/TT

Views differ among Green Party members on the proposed new pair of party spokespeople.

Isabella Lövin was suggested to replace Åsa Romson as one of the Green Party’s two leaders at a press conference on Monday. Gustav Fridolin, the other of the two current spokespeople, was proposed by the nominating committee to remain in his position.

“It’s a shared leadership, between the two spokespeople. So we were actually a bit surprised that the nominating committee suggested a change to just one of the posts,” Birgitta Losman, head of the Green Party’s Västra Götaland division, told Swedish Radio News.

Jabar Amin, a Green Party MP, is critical towards the nominating committee’s decision to replace Romson. In an interview with Swedish Television News, he pointed out that Romson received the committee’s confidence to continue as party spokesperson less than two months ago. He believes that she has been made a scapegoat following the recent turbulence in the party.

“This is damaging to our feminist profile,” Amin said. “She is getting the blame for everything that’s taken place in the past few weeks. That is unfair.”

Amin’s fellow party member Magda Rasmusson, a former MP, disagreed that Romson was being replaced because she is a woman. Instead, she pointed to the fact that voter confidence in Romson has been low for some time, much longer than the current crisis. By replacing her, the Green Party wants to try to re-establishing faith in the party, said Rasmusson.

“We, the Green Party, need to have the best representatives possible to awaken people’s curiosity and longing for green politics,” she said in an interview with Swedish Television News.

The formal decision on who will be the new leaders of the Green Party will be made at the party conference starting on Friday, May 13th.

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