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Network Europe

Published söndag 4 december 2005 kl 06.00
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We commemorate world AIDS day and find out why there has been a 20% increase of HIV cases in Germany.

We’ll check out the possibility of taking HIV tests at home ...

And hear about the situation regarding AIDS in Eastern Europe.

Also in the programme:

Is domestic violence on the increase in the Czech Republic

and child trafficking in Sweden.

Closing Music: Xavier Naidoo, Dieser Weg

Is Berlin the Capital of AIDS?

Network Europe begins in Berlin looking at attitudes to HIV.

The number of new infections in Germany has risen by 20% in the past six months alone. Gay and bisexual men are counted for almost 60% of these new infections. Our reporter meets members of the gay community who are tired of safe sex.

Taking the Test

Many are afraid of the stigma that still clings to AIDS and are reluctant to visit a doctor.

Yet the medical profession urges people who fear they might be infected, to take an HIV-test, as many problems can be avoided if the infection is detected at an early stage.

For those who dread going to the doctor, there’s another solution - an HIV test that can be done at home. We take the test in the Netherlands.

Safe Sex

In France, seven thousand new cases of HIV were detected in 2004, a fifteen per cent increase compared to the previous year. French NGOs say the increase should act as a wake-up call and are pressing the government to introduce more awareness prevention campaigns.

French organisations are also very active in the fight against the spread of the pandemic in Africa. But they are also concerned over HIV in the enlarged European union, particularly in Latvia and Estonia.

In Other News:

French National Assembly Approves New Anti-terror Bill

It’s designed to be one of the toughest in Europe.

The Interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, has led efforts to strengthen the country’s terrorism laws since the July bombings in London.

Czech Domestic Violence 

Over the past year, ten Czech women have been killed in their homes by violent husbands or partners. Hundreds of others suffer psychological and physical abuse on a daily basis - often before the eyes of their children who are powerless to help.

Now a new exhibition entitled ”Silent Witnesses” is trying to jolt society and politicians into awareness.

Human Trafficking in Sweden

Two people are being detained on suspicion of trafficking Chinese teenagers. Scores of young Chinese arrive every year in Stockholm - they ask for asylum, only to disappear a few days later. Swedish police suspect a wider network of child traffickers behind this pattern.

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