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Published söndag 9 april 2006 kl 06.00
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French youth suffer from chronic unemployment, but its even worse if you belong to a minority...
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Violence at Berlin's Rütli School
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Moderate Party leader Fredrik Reinfeldt: Has his party missed a chance to improve its credentials in the integration debate?
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Romania is facing its past and cleaning up corruption in its drive to join the EU in 2007
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Is Europe failing to integrate its minority communities?

Segregation and gang violence at a Berlin school prompts calls for an education system overhaul

We focus on the difficulties of finding a job in France - if you are young and of non-European origin

In Stockholm we ask why the leading opposition party seems to have ignored the integration issue

And while Europe struggles with integration - the EU looks set to expand...


Germany: Angst over the education system

Violence at a Berlin school has prompted calls to overhaul the German education system and provide better integration for immigrant children and their families. The outburst of violence came after desperate teachers from Berlin’s Rütli School sent a letter to the authorities calling for the closure of the school because violence was out of control. Now, a new headmaster has lost no time in joining a heated national debate about how to get to grips with the mounting problem of ethnic-related violence.

Immigrant youth face chronic unemployment in France

France is still grappling with student protests against a controversial government employment law the CPE which aims to reduce the unemployment rate amongst young people. Unemployment and how to fight it, is one of the major struggles of European governments. But whereas finding a job is never easy, it is harder for European nationals of immigrant origin.

Sweden: Missed chance?

As National elections approach in Sweden, one thing the politicians are in agreement on, is that integration and creating new jobs are two of the biggest issues facing the country today. It is in this context that the largest opposition party, the conservative-liberal Moderate Party’s electoral list surprise most commentators. The party failed to put any candidates from migrant communities on their electoral lists...

Romania: Welcomed, at last?

Romania is eagerly awaiting membership of the EU. One month ahead of the publication of a decisive report by the European Commission on Romania’s EU accession, the country now appears set to join on the scheduled date - January 1st 2007.

“Mr Enlargement” looks to the future

Former EU commissioner for enlargement, Gunter Verheugen, now Vice-President of the European Commission, has just been in Prague meeting senior Czech politicians and talking prospects for further enlargement.

Brussels Briefing

European bureaucrats are very often European politician’s favourite scapegoat. So it might surprise many that in the past couple of weeks some 41,000 people have sat gruelling examinations all around Europe in the hope of becoming one.

Closing Music: “Forgive But Not Forget”, Laleh

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