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August 25: PARSIFAL

Publicerat onsdag 15 februari kl 00.01
Valery Gergiev  Alexander Shapunov
Foto: Alexander Shapunov

Gergiev, Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra and soloists

Friday August 25th at 19.00 Berwaldhallen              

Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra
Royal Opera Choir
Valery Gergiev, conductor

Soloists from the Mariinsky Theatre  
Dmitry Voropaev,
Yuri Vorobiev,
Evgeny Nikitin,
Kristina Martling
, Kundry

Principal Vocal Coach Marina Mishuk    

RICHARD WAGNER: Third act from Parsifal                

Duration: 1 h 25 m (no interval)

Mini seminar 18.00: Anders Alm from WWF, World Wide Fund For Nature.

Concert introduction 18.15: Katarina Lindblad.

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Parsifal was Richard Wagner’s last work, and his spiritual will.

The plot in brief:
The Grail is guarded by the Knights of the Grail, led by Amfortas, on Monsalvat. Amfortas is wounded, as he has been stabbed by fallen Grail Knight and now dark magician Klingsor, wielding the Holy Spear. The wound refuses to heal, and only “the pure fool, who has been faith-healed through compassion” would be able to save Amfortas and the brotherhood.

Many years pass, and we follow the young, foolish Parsifal in his adventures and endeavours to find a cure for Amfortas. His chastity and purity is challenged by Klingsor, and he manages to remain steadfast against Kundry and the other seductive women who are at Klingsor’s command.

When the third act begins, it is Good Friday morning. Amfortas has not uncovered the Grail for several months, and the knights are divided and in despair. Knight Gurnemanz finds Kundry, exhausted and asleep, in the forest, and shortly thereafter, Parsifal arrives, returning the spear. Gurnemanz realises that Parsifal is “the pure fool” who is to recreate order. Parsifal delivers Kundry through holy baptism, and touches Amfortas’ wound with the Holy Lance, healing the wound. Parsifal uncovers the Grail as the knights kneel. Kundry raises her arms against its light, and finally dies in peace. The brotherhood of the Knights of the Grail is freed from the powers of evil.

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