Increased EU Police Co-operation

Guidelines on how the police forces of EU member states can act within the union was hammered out amongst justice ministers in Brussels Thursday. 

After the terror attack in Madrid 2004, European heads of state expressed statements of intent which formed the basis for this week’s agreement.  The new rules include how police cooperation and reaction forces should be developed across borders.

Swedish Minister of Justice Beatrice Ask told news agency TT, that it is up to each individual nation to ask for help in crisis situations.  Sweden is positive to the changes and Ask underlines that the measures will also create a much stronger preparedness for crises.  While there are no immediate consequences for Sweden, Ask is considering a proposition to present to the Swedish parliament outlining Swedish cooperation with EU colleagues.

The Social Democrats have asked for more detailed information before they give their support.  This type of cooperation allows foreign officials to act on Swedish soil, a move that requires at least a 3/4 majority in Parliament.