Minister urges fashion for fuller figure

In a bid to boost the Swedish fashion industry, Sweden’s Minister for Enterprise, Maud Olofsson, has pledged to wear Swedish-designed clothing more often.

Olofsson says however that many of the designs she thinks look good on younger, slimer women, leave more mature career women, with slightly more generous figures such as herself, rather uncatered for.

Speaking to Swedish news agency TT, Olofsson says she is keen to build on the success of Sweden’s rag trade, which is dominated by female designers and companies run by women.

Fifty-five percent of Swedish clothing firms are run by women,compared to 25 percent for the economy as a whole.

According to Statistics Sweden, Swedish clothing exports increased 12 percent in 2006, valued at some 2.7 billion US dollars; more than Sweden earned from iron ore exports or paper and pulp products.