Swedes Discuss Election Victory for Danish Government

Swedish politicians, commentators and the media are widely discussing the result of the elections in Sweden’s southern neighbor, Denmark – after the victory of the center-right coalition government there for a historic 3rd term.

Both Swedish voices on the left and the right maintain that they are not surprised over the results in a Denmark boasting of a strong economy, and note that as in Sweden, the major Danish parties seem to be moving towards the center.

Observers point out that Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen once talking about a ”minimum government” now seems to be praising the welfare state - similiar to the turn-around his conservative colleague Fredrik Reinfeldt in Sweden.

But both sides also note what they call a frightening situation where the ruling Danish coalition will be even more dependent on anti-immigrant opposition liberal party which has gained voter support and is demanding more influence.

Some Swedish comments point out the irony of Denmark closing its doors to Iraqi refugees as does the United States while both of these nations are participating in the war in Iraq - while Sweden which is not in the war is taking most of the Iraqi refuges coming to Europe.

The critics add that Denmark and other European Union nations have an obligation to share this mass migration burden with Sweden - instead of closing the doors.

Voices of the Swedish left praise the victory of the lefist party in Denmark doubling its votes - and its pledge to oust the Danish non-socialist coalition in the next election.