SÄPO: Sensational Story on Plot to Kill PM’s Wife Untrue

SÄPO, the Security Service Branch of the Swedish Police say that information published by tabloid Aftonbladet on an alleged plot to kill the Prime Minister’s wife is incorrect.

Denying the report point by point, a spokesman for SÄPO told news agency TT that no one had been arrested, there is no investigation underway and that nobody had been transported to a secure psychiatric ward by armed police in black knitted caps.

The sensational story hit the media Thursday morning after Aftonbladet reported that a man had been detained after doctors at a psychiatric ward had sounded the alarm on his plans to murder Filippa Reinfeldt.

SÄPO said in a press release that a man had sought voluntary health care.  The man was then committed to involuntary psychiatric care based on information he gave.

SÄPO says a large number of similar cases happen every year and the Security Service take action when needed.