Dreaming of a Green Christmas

Swedish retailers say this year will be a green Christmas.

According to a survey conducted by the Swedish Trade Federation among its members, the store-owners believe this year’s Christmas presents will be ecological and Fair Trade. Many clothing chains have put together eco-collections.

The survey also indicates more online buying is expected this year. As usual consumer electronics rate high, with this year’s choices flat screen TV sets, digital cameras, and video games.

While Swedes are considered traditionalists where Christmas food is concerned, more healthier choices are expected to be on the table for holiday dinners.

However, the pundits are predicting a shortage of one key Christmas ingredient, the tree. According to a business magazine for farmers, Swedes are turning their backs on the traditional fir, the Norway Spruce, in favor of the more expensive Nordmann Fir. Because they are in shorter supply, the increased demand for the fancier trees is expected to drive up prices.