Sweden Sends More Afghanis Back to Kabul

Sweden continues to send Afghani refugees back to Kabul despite persistent protests.

Three Afghanis are to be escorted by the police back to Afghanistan’s capital today. One of the three is from the south of the country, an area that has been declared too dangerous to deport people to by the Swedish Migration Board.

Sweden has been criticised in the past by human rights experts as well as courts in Gothenburg for sending Afghanis back to Kabul regardless as to where in the country they originate from.

But the Director-General of the Swedish Migration Board, Dan Eliasson, says the Board already examines whether returning refugees have the freedom to practise their political rights and search for jobs and accommodation.

Last year in Sweden over 600 Afghanis applied for asylum but two thirds were rejected. Today almost 500 Afghanis are waiting in Sweden to be sent back to Afghanistan.