Swedish Defense Selling too Cheaply?

Swedish critics claim that the budget-cutting Armed Forces here are losing huge amounts of money in selling off large amounts of military equipment, vehicles and material.

The critics argue that private companies are purchasing the armoured cars, transport vehicles and other equipment for fractions of the real cost and that although money from the sales are coming to the state, the tax payers who financed the purchases are losing a fortune .

Meanwhile, the Swedish minister of defense has giving the military an order to check out money-saving measures by co-operating with Finland and Norway - and eventually also with the other Nordic neighbors, Denmark and Iceland.

He insists it’s not a question of ”why” - but ”how.”

The Swedish minister is also calling for an increase in the number of Swedish troops in Afghanistan – where increasing violence has been noted.

Earlier discussions have called for an increase from 350 to 500 – but some critics here have been demanding a withdrawal of all Swedish troops in Afghanistan, insisting that the presence of Swedish and other troops enables more of the American-led forces to fight in Iraq.