Swedish Radio: Radio for everyone

Sveriges Radio, SR, is a non-commercial, independent public service radio broadcaster. Its mission is to provide high-quality programmes for the Swedish population. SR’s primary aim is to provide enriching programmes for all Swedes, wherever they live and regardless of their age, gender, and cultural background. SR’s comprehensive range of programming should offer something valuable and indispensable for everyone.

Forum for free speech
SR provides programmes which are impartial, accurate and a forum for free speech. Overall programming aims to appeal to a broad audience but also to satisfy niche interests. Each and every programme aims to be characterized by our belief in the equal worth of all human beings and the freedom and dignity of the individual. This is the basis of public service broadcasting.

Broadcasts around the clock
SR broadcasts news and current affairs in 16 languages. We cover: popular and classical music; social debate; children’s programming; culture; sport; drama; entertainment; public information; traffic reports and the weather. We broadcast around the clock over four nationwide domestic FM channels: P1, P2, P3 and P4; 28 local channels; the Finnish language channel SR Sisuradio and our external service, Radio Sweden.

Over 40 channels on the Internet
The SR website continually streams over 40 radio channels, including our four national FM stations and some ten web-only channels. All programmes are available archived and on demand 24 hours a day for 30 days following the original FM broadcast. In Sweden alone, approximately 4 million people listen to SR every day. As our listeners are spread across the globe they can tune in to their favourite programming via our shortwave, medium wave, satellite broadcasts or by visiting us online.