A Swedish ABC

A Swedish ABC

Radio Sweden brings you an ABC of the Swedish language.

Here’s an alpha to omega of Svenska, including all those funny letters with dots and circles and stuff. From Ystad in the south to the ice hotel in the north, we’ll travel with the Vikings, sink to the bottom of Stockholm harbor with the Wasa, and scarf godis and potatis.

We’ll be playing football and hockey, and living in the nu. All thanks to the wonders of the Swedish Radio Record Library and the sound effects department.

A is for ABBA

B is for Barn



C is for Carola

D is for Dalarna

E is for Ett (and En)

F is for Fotboll

G is for Godis

H is for Hockey

I is for Is

J is for Ja

K is for Kanske

L is for Lagom

M is for Mycket

N is for Nu

O is for Ombudsman

P is for Potatis

Q is for ?

R is for Rea

S is for Sverige

T is for Tack

U is for Uppsala

V is for Viking

W is for Wasa


X is for...

Y is for Ystad

Z is for Zetterlund


Å is for Åland

Ä is för Är

Ö is for Ö