Dental Disappointment

Confusion about the new dental reform in Sweden has left many patients and dentists disappointed.

The new benefits were rumoured to give patients large contributions towards the price of dental care when they came into force in July this year, reports Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter. As a result, many Swedes put off their treatment until after this date only to find that some of their treatments were not covered by the new reform.

Patients who need a bridge on their back teeth, for example, receive next to no financial help as only bridges on the front teeth are included in the reform.

The young and old benefit most, receiving twice as much as everyone else towards costs. All patients pay the first 450 US dollars of their treatment with a graded system of benefits after that.

But dentists say the new reform has raised too high expectations in patients for what they can and can’t get money for.

The Ministry of Health and Social Affairs defends the reform saying they must help those patients with the biggest needs.

The Swedish Agency for Public Management are due to hand over their final report on the new dental reform to the government next week.