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Climate Deal Reached In Brussels

At a summit meeting in Brussels, EU leaders, including Sweden’s Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt have reached a deal on measures to combat global warming.

The Swedish Prime Minister hailed the agreement as ”Historic.”

Talks resumed on Friday after Thursday’s late night discussions continued on ways to meet a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 20 percent by 2020, compared to 1990 levels, and an agreement was reached shortly before 2pm Swedish time.

Sweden, which takes over the Presidency of the EU in the second half of next year, is one of the world leaders in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

EU leaders also agreed an economic recovery package, and concessions to enable the Irish Republic to hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty.  

Meanwhile, Sweden’s Environment minister Anders Carlgren, met American senator John Kerry at a UN climate meeting , run simultaneously at Poznan in Poland. Kerry promised that under President elect barrack Obama, America would spring back next year into the world arena for tackling climate change where it would lead by example by setting caps on carbon emissions.

”The United States under President Obama’s leadership is determined to rejoin the world community in its efforts to deal with this issue,” Kerry told reporters.

”It is determined to lead in that effort, and it will lead not just rhetorically but by example in the policies that we adopt at home.”