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Calmer New Year’s Eve in Stockholm Without Fireworks?

Bad news for youngsters wanting to celebrate New Year’s Eve here in Stockholm – with none of the traditional meeting places for those too young to enter bars and restaurants planning to organize special parties.

The downtown harbour square on the southern island over-looking the Old Town is a traditional gathering place for young and old eager to watch New Year’s Eve’s fireworks displays and throw firecrackers on the pavement - but this year the square has been declared off limit to fireworks.

Swedish police have been issuing their usual warnings about the danger of fireworks going wrong, and a number of Swedish chain stores have also been refusing to sell fireworks this year - with campaigns calling for people to donate their intended fire works money to charity and international solidarity - instead of buying the rockets and fire works blamed for blowing off fingers and hands and exploding in youngster’s faces – and terrorizing cats and dogs driven in to painful hysteria by the noises.