Food Safety

Glass in Chicken "Not Organised Sabotage"

Swedish police say the recent spate of glass being found in chicken in Swedish supermarkets isn’t the result of organised sabotage. After gathering evidence and analysing the glass found in over 30 chicken products, the police say that they can’t see any evidence that one single organisation is responsible for the finds.

Bits of plastic and nails have also been found in other foodstuffs, such as bread, fruit and sausages, and Anders Wretling from the Swedish Police Board told Swedish newspaper DN that he wouldn’t be surprised if many of them were copycat incidents, where people have been inspired by media coverage of the other finds.

Wretling refers to similar events in the US in the 1980’s where similar cases of alleged food sabotage were reported, and 90% of the cases were later found to be false alarms.

Tonnes of chicken have been removed from Swedish supermarket shelves of the past few weeks in a response to the food scare.