Swine Flu

Swedes Test Negative For Swine Flu

Thirteen Swedes monitored for the swine flu virus have tested negative according to the Swedish Institute for Infectious Disease Control. On Tuesday night the Institute warned Swedes not to travel to Mexico where the virus was first reported. The Swedish foreign ministry said it would not issue a separate travel advisory.

The Institute’s Annika Linde told Swedish Radio News that they made the decision not only to prevent the spread of the virus but also because it could be difficult for Swedes to receive medical help in Mexico at a time when their hospitals are pushed to the limit. So far, 24 Swedes have been tested for the virus, all proved negative.

On Wednesday, Germany reported three cases of swine flu. Spain and the UK earlier confirmed two cases each. (DR)

The advice to avoid Mexico has practically the same weight as an official warning from the foreign ministry. But what economic impact does such advice have? Alexander Hirschfelder looks at its effects on the Swedish travel industry which is already suffering from the global economic downturn.