Chicken Back On The Menu

Chicken is back on the menu in some schools and elderly care homes in Sweden, while the country’s largest producer of frozen chicken said on Wednesday that the cost of the ”glass in chicken” food scare ran into billions of Swedish kronor.

At the end of March and early April there were dozens of cases of glass being found in chicken on people’s plates prompting some local authorities in the country to take poultry from the menu in schools , hospitals and elderly care homes while hundreds of tonnes of chicken was hauled off supermarket shelves as a precaution.

A lengthy criminal investigation by the nation’s police and security services continues but organized sabotage has already been ruled out.

On Wednesday, council officials in Karlskrona ruled that chicken was no longer dangerous and it would now be available again for consumption although it’s kitchen staff would still be vigilant.

Meanwhile Lantmännen, the owners of chicken producers Kronfågel, said on Wednesday that the cost of recalling chicken and declining consumer confidence ran to just under 4 billion US dollars and the costs would continue to rise with investment in new machinery to safeguard against glass bits entering their products.