Rosengård Riots

Curfew Idea for Rosengård Criticized

The Mayor of the southern Swedish city of Malmö has slammed suggestions by a local opposition position to introduce a curfew for teenagers in a Malmö suburb.

Continuing skirmishes between police and teenagers in Rosengård have led local conservative Moderate politician Anja Sonesson, to call for a curfew, which would be an efficient temporary complement to more long- term steps to combat the growing problem of petty arson, disturbances and violence in the area, she said.

But Social Democrat mayor Ilmar Reepalu says the move would turn the troubled area into an enclave, when the solution is to try to make it a normal residential area, just like any other.

According to Swedish news agency TT, Sonesson has yet to win the approval of the other alliance parties in Malmö for her proposal to be realized, but a similar solution has also been called for by the ultra right-wing party the Sweden Democrats.