EU Parliament Elections

Poll: Social Democrats and Moderates Dominate

A new poll indicates that the Social Democrats and Conservative Moderates will dominate in the upcoming Swedish elections to the European Parliament.

But fears of low turnout seem to be justified. Only 43 percent say they intend to vote on June 7th.

The Sifo survey shows 35.2 percent for the opposition Social Democrats, with 27.6 percent for the conservative Moderates, the party that dominates Sweden’s center-right government. The poll also indicates that the EU-sceptic June List, the third largest Swedish contingent in the current European Parliament, would fail to return, with less than 2 percent voter support.

The Christian Democrats, also a member of the government coalition here, are hovering below the 4 percent threshold for representation.

They are slightly ahead of the Pirate Party, which wants to reform copyright law and decriminalize file-sharing. Other polls have given the Pirate Party more than 5 percent support, which could translate into one seat in the EU parliament. (gw)