Welfare State

Half of Young Swedes Outside Dole Scheme

Half of all young people are outside the unemployment benefit system in Sweden, according to a new survey from the TCO white collar trades union organisation.

The system here in Sweden is based on people contributing to the system by paying a monthly fee to union funds, rather than it being taken through taxes. If you don’t pay when you have a job, then you don’t get money when you are without a job.

And according to Sture Nordh, head of the TCO, the rules for joining the union funds are so complicated and strict that many young people just don’t bother to sign up, or don’t even qualify. The fees are also quite high, so many think they are saving money by not joining, he told Swedish News Agency TT. He says the rules have to change so that more people sign up, the monthly fees also have to be lower, he adds.