Equal Health Care An "Illusion."

Though Sweden has one of the best health care systems in the world all is not as it should be. According to a report published by the National Board of Health and Welfare on Thursday, not all patients are treated equally with differences based on education, gender and ethnicity.

The report which is being handed to the government on Thursday, shatters yet another illusion of the Swedish welfare system. The famous slogan ”equal treatment to everyone” is according to the report, still the case, but not everywhere around Sweden and not for everyone. It all depends on money, education, ethnic background ,class and geography.

The report states that due to insufficient preventive health care the most exposed groups in the society don’t get the help they need.

The number of deaths from treatable diseases is three times higher among lower socio economic groups.

Ingrid Schmidt one of the author’s of the report says that this situation is not new but it’s not getting any better either from the similar health- care overview report four years ago.