Political Temperature Rising Ahead of June 7th

The biggest party in the current centre-right coalition government, the conservative Moderates, presented their economic plans for the next parliamentary term from 2010 Monday, plans which were roundly criticized straight away for not having any concrete election pledges.

Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt says the country can expect no new tax cuts until well into the next parliament when the economy has recovered from the current recession. He accuses the opposition Social Democrats of wanting to spend more that they would have. Finance Minister Anders Borg also underlined what he called the importance of having stable state finances and not spending too much.

Meanwhile the Social Democrats kicked of the next stage of their campaign ahead of June's European Elections, with party leader Mona Sahlin in a campaign bus driving around the country handing out t-shirts and roses, the party's symbol. The party's top election candidate Marita Ulvskog once again pushed home the Social Democrats' cure for the continent's economic woes, wanting to spend over 170 billion dollars of the EU budget on investments in infrastructure and energy efficient housing, saying this will lead to new jobs.