Sahlin Asks Ulvskog to "Explain Herself"

The leader of Sweden's Social Democrats has told the party's top name in the upcoming European Elections to "explain herself" after she accused an employment agency specialising in getting workers from Latvia to Sweden of dealing in "the white slave trade".

Marita Ulvskog, who used to be party chairman before she was asked to stand for the European Parliament, made the comments in a TV show, when she claimed that the company's actions were immoral.

The agency, "Hyrlett" (Rent-a-Latvian), brings Latvians over to Sweden to work, paying less than they would a Swedish worker, but still paying the Latvians double what they would get at home for the same job.

Party leader, Mona Sahlin, says she doesn't agree with the term Ulvskog used, which is usually used to describe young girls being brought to Western Europe for the sex trade. She didn't ask Ulvskog to apologise however, but did say that she wants her to explain what she meant. Sahlin also added that she didn't like what "Hyrlett" was doing, saying it was tantamount to wage dumping.