ESS Could Cause Regional Boom

If Sweden does win the right to host the European Spallation Source, as reported by Radio Sweden on Friday, hundreds of jobs could be created near the planned site in Lund annually, according to a new report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. They have looked into the project for the local authorities in the region.

They claim that if things are organised well, the local economy could get a boost of over 28 billion US dollars up until 2040, with up to 700 new jobs created every year.

The company says a pre-requisite for the growth is for the area to become a "honey pot" and attract new companies working in the shadow of the site. To do that the area needs to create an "centre of innovation", with better road and rail links, more housing, international schools and more office space, they say.

No formal decision has yet been made to place the ESS in Lund, southern Sweden, but at a meeting of European research ministers, Sweden got enough support to carry off the deal, minister Lars Leijonborg says.

The ESS has been called as a gigantic microscope. All kinds of items can be bathed in neutrons to reveal their most intimate details, at the atomic level, giving a boost to many different fields of investigation.