Minister Attacked by Unknown Assailant

Swedish finance minister Anders Borg was attacked by an unidentified assailant a few days ago but was not physically harmed. The incident was disclosed on Wednesday by Stockholm tabloid Aftonbladet and confirmed by security police Säpo.  

According to the report the attack happened in the garage of one of the governement’s buildings. The ground floor area also houses a freight bureau and is accessible to anyone. There is no protection for the government garage, so the unknown assailant reached the minister unhindered, but was intercepted by Borg’s chauffeur before he could physically assault the politician.

The man escaped and has not been apprehended or identified.

A security police spokesman said the incident showed the necessity for improved protection of the state’s representatives. He said there were alarming parallels to the assassination of foreign minister Anna Lindh. The politician was stabbed and fatally injured by a lone perpetrator in September 2003 while visiting a Stockholm department store.