Sinking Kiruna Matter For Supreme Court

The future of the Swedish mining town Kiruna, in the far north, will be a case for the Supreme Court. The court has decided to raise the question on how much the ground surface within the town can sink and slide due to the mining industry.

The background is a recent ruling in the environmental court which gives the mining company LKAB permission to let the ground surface move a lot more than the present deformation conditions allow.

“If this ruling will stand that can be interpreted as if LKAB can go in and damage large parts of Kiruna town,” says local Per Nilsson to Swedish Radio.

Nilsson appealed the ruling and is of the opinion that LKAB should switch to an alternative mining method, which does not damage the surface to the same extent.  It was in March that the mining company explained that the present conditions weren’t being kept. The ground surface in Kiruna had then sunk 15 cm compared to the allowed 1 cm.