Safety Inspectors Investigate School Accident

Updated 14:20

Health and Safety Inspectors in Stockholm spent Tuesday morning looking into how three young school children aged between 6 and seven could have fallen ten metres out of a supposedly locked classroom window onto the tarmac below.

One of the children, a six year old girl from Somalia, remains in a serious condition in hospital.

Questions on Tuesday were being asked as to just how could three children, barely out of nursery, supposedly in a safe environment at school, end up in hospital, one with serious injuries, after falling out of a classroom window, two storeys up.

That's a question being examined by police and health inspectors at Aspnäs school in the northern Stockholm suburb of Järfälla. Late on Monday afternoon, just hours after the accident, the school's head teachear Ulla Fredricson addressed a hastily assembled press conference.

"The teacher in the classroom said it all happened in just a second. The lesson had finished and the children were ready to go home. The three children were sat by the window with cushions behind them . One can't speculate whether they pressed back against the window. Because the classroom was not on the groundfloor i'm assuming that the window was locked.It should be locked. That's now a technical question for the experts to discover why the window opened," the head teacher said.

Tuesday's edition of tabloid Aftonbladet carried an inetrview with the mother of the child who's seriously ill, six year old Samira, fom Somalia. The mother Ardo told how she had gone to school to pick up her daughter and saw her lying lifeless on the ground.

She said how her daughter had been looking forward all summer to starting school after finishing nursery. Last Thursday was her first day at school.

Samira was taken by air ambulance to the nearby Astrid Lindgren's hospital. There she was operated on late into the night for injuries to the head, body and liver.

The other two children who fell, both boys, were also taken to hospital with less serious injuries.

A police spokesmen told aftonbladet that although the girl's injuries were serious, they were not life threatening.

The teacher who was in the classroom and who was decsribed as experienced by Ulla Fredricson, is receiving counselling along with several children.

The class was for children newly arrived in Sweden.