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Moderates Discuss Health Care

Updated 17:38

The conservative Moderate party conference continues Friday, with the Prime Minister's wife, Filippa Reinfeldt writing an op-ed article in the daily Dagens Nyheter Friday, calling for a change in health care policy in Sweden.

Mrs Reinfeldt, who is a local politician in Stockholm, was part of a working group summoned to look at how health care in Sweden can be modernised.

In the current system each local health authority can decide what care it offers, but Reinfeldt wants to change the regulation, lifting such decisions up to national level, meaning that all Swedes will have the right to the same kind of treatment for certain conditions.

"In my Sweden no one will have to worry whether they are living in the 'right' county," Reinfeldt said to Swedish news agency TT.

The Moderate conference is discussing the plans on Friday, while tomorrow they will move on to discussions on employment law.