Three Babies Die of Resistant Bacteria

Three babies have died of multi-resistant bacteria after they were infected while staying at special section for pre-mature babies in a hospital in Västerås. Insufficient hygienic routines at the hospital and too many patients on the ward are the reasons the so called klebsiella-bacteria got into the hospital, Swedish Radio reports.

When the infection was discovered, the three babies were transferred to Uppsala University Hospital but their lives could not be saved. Another three babies that carried the multi-resistant bacteria in the Västerås hospital did not get ill.

At a press conference on Tuesday, representatives of Uppsala University Hospital said that the three pre-mature babies were ill already before they were infected by the bacteria, and that, in at least two of the cases, this was a strong contributing factor to their deaths. In the third death, however, this was not the case.

Earlier this year, a Stockholm hospital faced harsh criticism by the health authorities for having failed to prevent newborns from contracting such life-threatening bacteria.