Swedish Ministers visit EU Parliament

Swedish ministers are crowding the corridors of the EU parliament this week, trying to smoothen the path ahead for some of this autumns more controversial issues. As many as 18 Swedish ministers have travelled to Brussels to be there for when the parliament's committees meet again for the first time after the summer break, News Agency TT writes.

Environment minister Anderas Carlgren is there to discuss the negotiations that are supposed lead to a global climate agreement in Copenhagen in December, despite the fact that the parliament formally has no say in these negotiations. "It is still politically important to be backed by the parliament," says Carlgren to TT.

Another Swedish Minister in Bruxelles this week is Telecoms Minister Åsa Torstensson who hopes that her visit to the Industry Committee will help find a way forward for the telecom package, which was stopped by the parliament this spring.

Migration Minister Tobias Billström and Minister for Justice Beatrice Ask are also in Brussels. They will be meeting the EU parliamentarians to discuss the so called Stockholm programme which concerns asylum seekers and cooperation between police forces.