Classes in Democracy for Newcomers

Classes in how the Swedish society works will become compulsory for newcomers to the country. The Minister for Integration, Nyamko Sabuni, wants "everybody who lives and works" in Sweden to be "aware of the importance of democracy, equality between men and women, respect for everybody's equal value and the freedom for young people to choose their own paths in life."

Those born here learn it at school, while those who arrive later will need to learn it as well, Sabuni writes in an srticle in the daily Svenska Dagbladet. As an example, she mentions families where the children integrate faster than their parents, and want to make choices in life just like other young people in Sweden, which leads to tensions within families.

Earlier, classes about the Swedish society were part of the language classes for immigrants, but a couple of years ago these classes changed into just teaching the them how to speak Swedish.