Controversial Relief Road Given Green Light

The government has given the green light to the most expensive and biggest road building project in Swedish history.

At a press conference on Thursday, government ministers for the environment and transport outlined their plans to build a relief road West of the country's capital Stockholm at a cost of 3.82 billion dollars.

17 kilometres of the 21 kilometre road will be made up of tunnels to lessen the environmental impact on areas of outstanding beauty. The relief road will go from Skärholmen in the south to Häggvik in the north and work will begin in 2012, lasting eight years.

Motorists suffering heavy delays into and from Stockholm every day will be delighted, for example 160 000 cars travel over the essingeleden bridge every day.

But environmentalists say giving the green light to such a project goes against green policy and building the road will increase traffic not decrease it.