Helicopter raid

"Serbian Police Warned of the Robbery"

Serbian police warned their Swedish colleagues already in the end of August that a spectacular robbery involving a helicopter was being planned, Swedish media report.

Three depots and several people were put under surveillance, and the police helicopters were even moved from the place where they later were disabled by the robbers, according to the tabloid newspaper Aftonbladet.

But the date of the robbery was said to be on the 15th of september and when nothing happened on that day, Swedish police cancelled the operation, and returned the helicopters to the original place.

Serbia's national police commissioner Milorad Vejlovic, has given interviews to Swedish media during the day, claiming they had given the Swedish police names, phone numbers and whereabouts of a number of people involved in the planning of the robbery.

"We do not know who did the robbery itself, but we have full information on the ones who planned it," Vejlovic tells Aftonbladet.

Vejlovic is disappointed that the the robbers were not stopped. "We did everything we could to stop the robbery, except from going to Sweden ourselves" he tells Aftonbladet.

According to the news agency TT, Swedish police arrived in Belgrade on Tuesday to find out more about the links to Serbia. Media reports in Sweden claim the robbers have links to the infamous "special operations unit" the Red Berets in Serbia, where the killer of former Serbian Prime Minister Zoran Djindjic was a commander.

Six men were arrested in Sweden on Sunday for the spectacular robbery against a cash depot that was carried out last Wednesday. On Tuesday afternoon, two of the men were released, though they are still suspects, according to Swedish Radio News.