Pirate Bay Trial

New Fines Threaten Pirate Bay Founders

Stockholm district court threatens to fine two of the founders of the file sharing site “The Pirate Bay” if they continue operating the site – but the two men reject the accusation as untrue. According to the court, Gottfried Svartholm Warg and Fredrik Neij are still involved in the internationally known site and should they continue to do so will they be fined nearly $US 70,000 each.

But former Pirate Bay spokesperson Peter Sunde rejects the courts claims calling them not justified. Neither of the two men lives in Sweden nor is the site being operated from here, Sunde told news agency TT. From that point of view, Stockholm district court has no judicial means to threaten the two, Sunde added. In the first trial in the spring the men behind

The Pirate Bay were found guilty of infringing on the copyright. Both the prosecutors and the defendants appealed the verdict. Appellate proceeding is expected to take place next year.