Bomb Threat on Gothenburg Tram

A man with a bomb strapped around his waist threatened to blow himself up on a tram in Gothenburg on the west coast, on Thursday evening.

The police quickly redirected traffic and evacuated nearby areas in the central parts of the city. The man was subsequently over powered by the Police and taken into custody. The passengers on the tram were evacuated and no one is reported to have been injured.

The police later confirmed that the belt the man was carrying contained explosives but that it would have been unable to detonate as the wires weren’t connected.

It is still not certain what was behind the 61 year old's threat. The police as of yet unwilling to disclose what has been found out in questioning the man. However, according to local newspaper Göteborgsposten the man is known to the police, is suffering from a mental disorder and was prosecuted last month for possessing an illegal weapon.