Climate Change

“Copenhagen Summit Not Decisive”

An advisor to the Swedish government has expressed strong doubts that the global climate summit in Copenhagen in December will hammer out a binding follow-up treaty of the Kyoto Protocol. Speaking to news agency TT, Lars-Erik Liljelund, climate expert and advisor to Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt, says that almost everyone involved in the preparation of the Copenhagen summit expects that no concrete binding treaty will be signed by world leaders.

The international community is still too divided on the issue, Liljelund said. Instead, Copenhagen will produce an agreement that will eventually lead to a new international climate protocol, Liljelund added. He names the upcoming meetings in Bonn (Germany) in the summer and in Mexico in December 2010.

Curbing greenhouse emissions is one of the core issues of the Swedish EU presidency. Prime Minister Reinfeldt has called a binding treaty in Copenhagen a crucial necessity to combat climate change.