Healthy Babies Aborted by Mistake

Research carried out by Swedish Radio's "Brunchrapporten" has found that 24 pregnant women from the last year sent home to take an abortion pill after being told their unborn babies had died in the womb, had been misdiagnosed and their baby was still alive.

The programme investigated files of ten of Sweden's biggest hospitals including Karolinska and saw that 24 women had been wrongly diagnosed of having a delayed miscarriage where the foetus is dead but hasn't been flushed out of the body naturally. Only five of the ten hospitals carried out a second ultrasound to confirm a delayed miscarriage had taken place with the others sending the women home to take the abortion pill.

One of those women, 26 year old Malin, told the programme that she had decided on a second opinion before taking the abortion pill and was told that her baby was fit and well.

"Totally awful. One cannot just write out precsriptions for abortion pills for someone who has a longed for baby in their stomach." 

However, the Swedish Radio team found that not all of the women discovered that their baby was in fact healthy before taking the pill or having surgery.