Foreign Office Wants Explanation From Morocco

Updated 2009-11-05 18:20 PM

The Swedish Foreign Ministry have told the Moroccan ambassador that the banishment of Swedish embassy advisor Anna Block-Mazoyer from Morocco is difficult to understand and an unreasonable reaction to what has taken place.

The Swedish ambassador in Rabat, Michael Odevald, was summoned to the Moroccan Foreign Ministry Wednesday to meet Foreign Minister Taieb Fassi Fihri. At the meeting he was informed of the planned immediate departure of a Swedish diplomat.

Taieb Fassi Firhi told the Swedish envoy of what was called a serious breach in diplomatic practice and an unacceptable professional error by Block-Mazoyer.

Anna Block-Mazoyer is accused of turning official Moroccan documents over to Polisario. The documents  had been presented at a briefing organized by the foreign ministry on developments in the Western Sahara. The meeting was attended by Sweden, which holds the rotating European Union presidency. The Foreign Ministry has later confirmed that documents have been passed over to Polisario.

However, Cecilia Juhlin, head of the Foreign Ministry’s Communications Department, says the dispute is bilateral, and has nothing to do with the EU presidency. Whether or not an explanation to the Moroccan reaction is forthcoming still reamins to be seen.